SkyGOAT - A passion project to develop casual, comfortable, and fun apparel for the “Mountain Lifestyle” community and beyond.  I'm a big fan of being cozy and kicking around in casual clothes.  I often look for that perfect casual and cozy item to wear around and have a closet full of attempts.  So one day, not long ago, I figured why not just set out to make some apparel that I like and can share with our community?  So there you have it...SkyGOAT was born.

I dug through my closet and found all the tops that I liked features on.  I then created a frankenstein pattern using paper grocery bags, got some pointers from my wife on sewing, and created the first sample hoodie.  From there, I worked with a small manufacturer and created a custom GOATgrid fleece, and made it happen!

I hope you feel as cozy and comfortable as I do wearing SkyGOAT apparel.



Along the way...