GOATgrid Fabric

SkyGOAT Mountain Lifestyle Apparel is meticulously crafted from our exclusive GOATgrid fabric – a true testament to innovation and sustainability.

Crafted with care, this fabric is composed of recycled polyester yarn, embodying our commitment to both quality and the environment. The main attributes of SkyGOAT apparel are exemplified in its lightweight composition, exceptional warmth, breathability, and an extraordinary softness that envelops you in comfort.

GOATgrid boasts a featherweight characteristic, weighing in at 170 g/m². The unique grid pattern enables the fabric to provide revolutionary moisture-wicking, breathability, and air circulation. By constructing additional air pockets against the skin, our GOATgrid fabric surpasses conventional fleece, optimizing temperature and moisture management with every wear.

The grid construction ensures not only superior breathability and moisture control but also enables efficient compression, making it remarkably packable for your outdoor journeys.

Being hydrophobic, GOATgrid fleece defies water absorption, allowing droplets to bead and roll off effortlessly. While it's not intended to replace a waterproof garment, this prevents saturation and helps you stay comfortable and dry during light drizzles or unexpected splashes.

Beyond its technical capabilities, the GOATgrid fabric boasts an inherent elasticity derived from its distinctive weaving structure, yielding a stretchy effect that facilitates unrestricted movement. Designed with outdoor enthusiasts in mind, our apparel provides an impeccable fit, delivering unparalleled comfort during all your adventures – from hiking rugged trails to leisurely camping trips.

We take pride in the meticulous brushing process that renders our fabric exceptionally soft to the touch, all while ensuring minimal shedding. Complemented by an array of custom-dyed colors, each piece of SkyGOAT Mountain Lifestyle Apparel is a blend of craftsmanship and style.

Welcome to the forefront of outdoor comfort and fashion, where SkyGOAT's commitment to quality, sustainability, and design converges to elevate your outdoor experiences.